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InnovWay is a digital solution that manages all areas of an organization.

InnovWay QMS

Conceived for certified/accredited organizations or in process of certification/accreditation.

InnovWay RD&I - Research

Developed to support organizations with intense activity in RD&I area.

InnovWay SM – Stock Management

Stock Management Solution contains a set of features that allow a proper and efficient stock management.

InnovWay HM – Human Resources

Solution that allows management of every processes regarding Human Resources in a safe and efficient manner.

InnovWay CO - Accounting

Solution for organizations that allow management and integration of all accounting processes regarding General Accounting

InnovWay SC – Supply Chain

Suppliers and Purchase Management allows the total follow up of Suppliers Purchase

InnovWay SAL - Sales

Solution that enables a centralized and integrated rigorous control of clients and sales.

InnovWay FI – Finance

Treasury Management provides a set of indispensable tools to payments control

InnovWay LOG – Logistics

Logistics and Distribution module allows organizations within the sector all functionalities to manage logistic and distribution operations in a safe, efficient and controlled manner.

InnovWay MOB – Mobile

Mobility solutions allow the input and access to information that is critical to your core business at any time and any place.



Global Digital Solution to any kind of laboratory, it plays a vital role in the organization and manages all analytical process.

LabWay-LIMS® Pathology Anatomy

Solution to manage Pathologic Anatomy Laboratory. Controls an agile all lab processes.

LabWay-LIMS® Artificial Reproduction Technology

Solution developed for Medical Aides Procreation Centers and Sperm Donor Centers. Digitally manages all different lab techniques.

LabWay-LIMS® Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics

Solution for Histocompatibility Centers and Immunology. Supports the Tissue Typing, blood analysis, compatibility determination, etc.

LabWay-LIMS® Tissue & Cellular Bank

Tissue and Cell bank Management solution. Allows reception, treatment, analysis, location and criopreservation of samples.

LabWay-LIMS® Healthcare

Solution to small and middle market organizations in the Healthcare area. Provides tools to manage and track materials to efficiently determine costs involved in all organization processes.

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