In the past 21 June the scripture for the creation of Ambidata Espanha S.L.. was signed

Ambidata Espanha S.L is a Spanish Law company, created by Ambidata -Digital Innovation Solutions & Consulting, Lda (Portugal).
The headquarters for this new company are located in Madrid, Calle Velázquez, 46.

It is a new project and we are very excited about it! This project will be lead by two new members of Team Ambidata Cristina Carbajo Dominguez e Sandra González Granado, that live in Madrid

Cristina C. Dominguez is licenced in Biology and Biochemistry, with a Master degree in Environmental Management.
With experience in Clinical Analysis Lab and has experience in Chemical Industry. Her job will be LIMS/QMS Sales Consultant at Ambidata Espanha

Sandra G. Granado, is licensed in Biology and has professional experience in Forensic Genetics lab. and I+D+I area. Her job will be LIMS/QMS Consultant at Ambidata Espanha.

In Spain, Ambidata Portugal, has 9 clients in several areas, water and residual water, agri-food, pharmaceutical industry, etc. Located in several provinces in Spain (Andaluzia, Madrid, País Basco e Castila y León).

The creation of Ambidata Espanha will allow the improvement of services to current costumers. From now on they will contact directly and be supplied by qualified staff in its own language.

To support this new project all workers of Ambidata Will still have complete availability and dedication to our Spanish clients

Thank you for your trust and being a part of us!